Sunshine and Thick Thighs for Mid Summer Shoppers

July 21, 2015

As I'm reconstructing my social platforms, I have decided to include the blog posts that I created when I was a size 22/24. I think the tips are universal and still relevant today! This was originally posted in 2015 so needless to say the items are sold out but I've included new links for similar options and my styling tips are SOLID! Enjoy :)


Hi Beauties!


I wanted to do a "swimsuit" post and share some of my vacation photos with you. Me and my family drove down to Corpus Christi, TX for some well deserved fun and relaxation. The sunshine, the cool breeze, and the beach was just what we needed!


A lot of plus bloggers did their swimsuit posts earlier in the year, which is great for those that have planned vacations. For me, I work A LOT, and unfortunately with the career that I chose a lot of my vacation time gets cancelled due to my school needing me. So having a vacation on the calendar doesn't mean I'm going. Furthermore, I fluctuate in weight and sizes. If I were to purchase a swimsuit in February, I may or may not be able to fit it in July. I may be a completely different size and with "fat-kinis" you want a good fit.




So I decided to make a post for my "last minute" beauties who are doing the impromptu vacations, deciding toward the end of the summer to take a splurge and show their belly, or the ladies who genuinely didn't realize that to find all the swimsuits they love they needed to shop months ago. LOL ;) As always I will link my personal outfits but I will also link some places that still have swimsuits. Happy shopping!



Bohemian Kimono: Fashion To Figure 

Shoes and Bag: JustFab

Skirt: Rebdolls


My look revolved around the swimsuit. I am absolutely addicted to fringe. The top has REALLY great hold and the fringe covers me without being restricting. I definitely plan to re-wear the top in a non-swim way. I can see it already. When I saw the kimono from FTF, I figured I'd go the bohemian route. Picked up some"groovy" shades from my local Lane Bryant, added a big white gold studded bag, and a pop of color with my skirt to finish off this look. I'm really happy about how it turned out.


On to the next look.....






When wearing swimsuits everyone is at a different confidence levels. Even though the "fatkini" movement is strong, I still wanted to demonstrate how a swimsuit and cover-up can work for different body types. I personally always decide if I'm showing off my upper or lower body. I never show off both at the same time. Not because it violates a fashion rule but it makes me feel comfortable doing one or the other. If you ever look at my photos you'll notice that if my legs are out, my top is more covered or vise-versa. With that being said I wanted to highlight both options in this look. Both the skirt and the half top were old items from my closet that I reused for this look. Look in your own closet for pieces that could double as cover-ups before going out to shop for one. I felt great in both looks. Of course they were SUPER comfy, no pinching or pulling for me.


If you're still looking for swimwear look at these websites:


Forever 21+