Press -On Nails - Tutorial and Review

I am CONSTANTLY asked about my nails and complimented on how good they look. I'll let you in on my secret... PRESS ONS!!! People are legit shocked when I tell them how easy and durable press-ons have become. Y'all know my "Champagne tastes, discount wine budget" is a lifestyle. Do you hear me? Watch my YouTube tutorial on best practices when applying your press on's here.

Allow me to introduce you to Glow Getter Nail Co. Can we discuss how dope the play on words is? Yes I Glow, yes I'm a go-getter, yes I love nails! LOVE! Now, these are NOT the press on nails we used back in the '90s that would pop off 10 minutes after applying. Owner and operator, Stacie, ensures that each set is designed to last. She even files the inside of the nails to ensure a snug fit and adds primer to ensure her designs lasts and are sturdy. All the trendy shapes (oval, square, and stiletto) are all available in the press-on form. Even the fancy designs are available. She has some pre-designed sets, or you can completely customize your nail sets. Shipping was relatively fast, considering she HAND-PAINTED one of my sets. Talented, professional, and full of FIYA (fire) designs; why haven't you purchased your set yet?

I use to spend hours and up to $85 per nail appointment when I was going to a salon. The designs and nails were beautiful, but finding the time to schedule appointments or even getting an appointment was becoming a real-life struggle. Especially if I had a photo shoot or event to attend, and my hands looked crazy.

The last time I had my nails "did" was November 2017, yet I have stylish sets on every day. I typically buy my sets from Target, Family Dollar, Dollar General, and my favorite 5 and below. Check out my YouTube Tutorial to see the best practices on applying your nails. Following my steps, I get a minimum of 12 days of use per press-on set. Most commonly, I get a full two weeks of wear or more. I work in childcare, so I am regularly washing my hands, I'm a mommy with a list of chores, and I work out three times a week and my nail sets keep up with it all!

Let me know if this tutorial is helpful. Give the press-on lifestyle a try. You may never find yourself in a salon again. Make sure you grab your next custom set from Glow Getter Nail Co. Tell them Tiffany sent you!

I have personally had the services or products provided and give my official stamp of approval. Make sure you support these women as they are trailblazers in their field. Glow Getter Nail Company sponsored two nail sets. However, all opinions are my own and express my true feelings toward the effectiveness of the products provided.

Until Next Time… xoxoxo

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